I.M.A. Gallery – Threshold 2014

1During the month of February, I visited the Image Arts Gallery to see the Threshold exhibition twice. Threshold is the annual 3rd year New Media exhibit which showcases and celebrates their work.

Being able to view the 5 projects was a great experience, especially because I was not able to see them during the Critique Period in the Fall of 2013. It was really interesting to view the artwork and interactive pieces on both the opening night, and also during the week when the gallery was quiet. One of the pieces incorporated sound, and on the opening night – I could not understand anything it was saying because of the number of people in the room. When I visited the gallery on Thursday, being able to hear the piece and what it was saying changed my understanding of the work.

I thought that the placement of the pieces was interesting, and while it benefited many – it may have also taken away from 1 project in particular. The artwork which used a kinect and was a game was placed into a corner which did not allow the participants to “play” with their entire arm span. The giant column which is part of the architecture of the room forced the participants to squeeze into a small area while they tried to interact and play.

Congratulations to the team that participated and put together Threshold 2014!



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