Health Research Group – Meeting Minutes

Today, we met as a group to discuss everyone’s individual research. We also met with Kathleen for extra support. Here are some of the minutes & notes from today’s meeting:

  • Question – most of the group members still need to finalize their question for next Tuesday’s presentation. Try to condense it…and remember – we only have 3 minutes to share our interesting and complex findings and “stories” (Kathleen’s phrase)
  • Nathan & Paige have similar research interests – both are looking into the current systems that are in place and whether they help or hinder the individuals who use the health care system.
  • Zoe is interested in exploring the pros/cons of art therapy and how interactive works help the recovery process for patients. I suggested that it would be of interest to look into how interactive art can help patients who may have physical or mobility issues. For example, how does an interactive experience with lights affect a patient who is confined to their wheelchair?
  • I have researched how to “brand” and market an advocacy object, and what attributes and features of an advocacy object make it successful. This particular area of interest is referred to as “health-fashion”. This includes everything from pins, mugs, ribbons, hats, clothing, candles, etc. Kathleen suggested that I create a survey which asks whether these advocacy objects for breast cancer (this keeps the disease consistent) “evoke feelings, are they likeable, does it make you think of anything, would you characterize this as a positive or negative image, etc.”. This survey would also ask questions about the shape and color of the objects.
  • Overall, a very positive meeting.

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