‘Lives’ Project Update

IMG_0213IMG_0265 IMG_0264  IMG_0249









  • Purchased & shipped 150 film canisters from Vancouver, BC.
  • Purchased 2 unique ‘dried wood’ branches from Sheridan Nurseries to use as the center piece for the project. Film canisters will be hung using clear fishing wire from the branches. The “tree” will either be planted in a clear vase, or be attached to some kind of pedestal. I’m saving this step for the very end because it all depends on how many canisters I am hanging.
  • Collected nearly 300 old family photos, have narrowed it down to about 200.
  • Gathered hundreds of negatives from when the photos were being developed to use
  • Starting to combine images into photo collages of 2-3 images per canister. Since my project is 3D, I thought it would be more interesting to have multiple photos appear in one canister, rather than one single image wrapped around. It will also reduce the number of film canisters hanging from the tree branches.

Next Steps:

  • Finalize canister collages and print the images. The collages will be 2×4 inches so that they can be curled inside the canister.
  • Begin to hang the canisters on the tree branches – determine how many canisters should be hung on 1 string, what the spacing should look like, etc.

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