Printing & Building

IMG_0280    Over the past few days, I have been testing different designs to create collages on the 2×4 inch pieces of papers that will sit inside the canisters. It seems as though most of the collages have 2-3 images, and I am really pleased with the way that it looks. The next step involved drilling a small hole on the top and bottom of the canister so that I could feed a fishing line through. A total of 60 canisters will be used for this project, and I’ve put holes in IMG_00562/3rd of the canisters already. I printed the collage photos using my color printer at home, but I would like to get them professionally printed on a thicker paper for the final version.


IMG_0296 IMG_0295 IMG_0299


The next few steps involve figuring out how to space the canisters apart using a clear material/substance (I tried hot glue, but it didn’t work too great). Once the canister strings are created, I will be able to hang from on the tree/branches. The final couple of steps will include planting the tree/branches in a clear vase and displaying the negatives within, and then building a stand so that the project can sit nicely.


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