Shopping & Stringing

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pot/vase to plant the tree branches in. Unfortunately, it seems as though I am a couple of weeks early for the kick-off of gardening season sales and accessories! I checked out Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Urban Barn, and Pier 1. I decided to use a small rectangular vase that I had at home because nothing in the stores was that great, and I really wanted to have a clear vase as well. The stores only had clay pots, or really cheap-looking plastic – which would have been a last resort if needed. The next mission was trying to find a stand. I was on the hunt for a stand that was around 3-4 feet tall…this way, when people are looking at the canisters that hang low – they are not forced to go all the way down to the ground. I went back to Canadian Tire…nothing…Home Depot…nothing. As I was walking through the wood section, I thought about building my own stand. It was a possibility, but I wanted something simple and natural looking – and a big wooden stand of 4×4’s wasn’t the right fit.

Next stop: Homesense. My Mom joined me on Saturday for the second day of running around, so she was more than happy to stop at the gigantic Homesense in Leaside…probably more happy than I was! In the very back corner, I found the perfect stand. You can see the the photo of it on the top right of the collage below:

2Finally! It is about 3.5 feet tall, and it simple and stable. Phew!

When I got home, I decided to print out all my canister images, which were created in Photoshop with the specific measurements, and begin to string the images. I printed them in black and white just to test everything out. I am really, really pleased with how everything looks. There are 8 different canister strings/story-lines which were made over the weekend. Once I get my canister images printed in color, I can each swap them in for the black and white ones. This really helps to keep everything organized and well planned.

1Remaining tasks:

  1. Glue the branches into the vase with a hot-glue gun – this way it will prevent them from slipping. They are very stable right now with the fake-rocks, but just to be safe – I want to add some glue.
  2. Hang and position the canister strings. I think this step will have to be done on the day of my critique because there isn’t a safe way to transport such a big branches sculpture without something bad happening. I will just make a note of where each canister should be hung on the morning of.
  3. Incorporating the negatives – I would love to place all of my negatives on the silver stand to look like “soil” or a “ground” layer.

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