Work Process Update

Last Wednesday, I met with David to discuss the progress of my Lives sculpture/installation. My curator, Paige, also came to the meeting. I feel as though I am in a good position in terms of being able finish the project on time, which is a relief, because I was getting a little worried.

I brought in a couple of my canister strings and we discussed how I might be able to keep the canisters spaced apart using a bead or a small clamp. The strings that I brought in were being separated by small pieces of tape…obviously this was only used for the work process meeting!

David brought up the fact that I should try and pay careful attention to the fact that my project is a 3D sculpture, and each perspective means that you see a different set of photos. I realized that all of the viewers would not have any idea who any of the people or faces are in each photo canister. Of course, everyone can relate to the fact that it is a family tree, but I realized that I need to simplify the project.

My excitement in going through hundreds of family albums probably made me feel as though I should be including all these images in some way. At a certain point, I decided to combine the images into these canister-collages. I’ve decided to back track a few steps and return to my original plan – which was to only include 1 image in each canister. Keeping it simple will allow me to tell the stories of each family member in a more effective way.

After the meeting, I decided to go through all of the images again and sort them in a way where I could tell individual stories. In the image below, you can see the grouping of images as they tell the story of my grandfather, Syd Roth.



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