‘Lives’ Critique

IMG_0355_Fotor_Collage2 The human family is a complex, dynamic structure comprised of individual parts and relationships which develop and function autonomously, but also as a whole. “Lives”, created by Simone Roth, contemplates the complex nature of human families and their evolution over generational time.

This 3D sculpture depicts the interconnectedness of individuals within extended families using dynamic quality of families using static images within the context of the family tree schematic. The film canisters are translucent IMG_0355_Fotor_Collageand symbolize the fact that the identity of members in a family are rarely seen clearly by other family members. The photographic negatives, which have rooted the tree branches, represent the duration of time from the earliest photos to the most recent ones since photographic negatives were traditionally contained within these plastic film canisters before the age of digitization.

“Lives” explores how the part and whole relationships exist within the structure of the human family and that time influences both the development of the individual and the family unit.


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