Thyroid Cancer: Logo & Designs

simone_thyroidIn order to prepare for my poster presentation, I have been trying to sort and organize all of my primary and secondary research – which is a ton of information. I’ve also started to design a few iPhone cases using the thyroid cancer colors, and will add my own logo that I designed onto the bottom right corner of each case.

The design was created based on the information I collected from my survey on the wearable/usable/displayable objects. Participants preferred an advocacy object which was usable and had a discrete logo. Here are a few photos:



Visiting the TIFF digiPlaySpace

IMG_0082_Fotor_Collage The TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace is once again on display at the TIFF Bell Lightbox for it’s third year, and is an interactive and kid-friendly learning space full of technology and games. In this years exhibit, kids have the opportunity to use a wide variety of technologies (green screen, controllers, apps, etc.) and be creative in what we could call “a new media playground”.

Before our visit, we had the opportunity to listen to Nick Pagee who curated the 2014 showcase at TIFF. He is also a New Media graduate and discussed his duties as the curator for this show. I thought it was interesting that Nick travelled to Europe and overseas to see other kid-friendly digital play space shows as he tried to remodel something similar for the people of Toronto.IMG_0082_Fotor_Collage2

The digiPlaySpace is running for another 3 weeks, and I would highly recommend this place for a morning or afternoon of fun with your younger kids. It was nice to see that all of the technology that we are using in our classes and projects has a place in the “real-world”, and that there is a wide variety of opportunities for us when we graduate, depending on our individual interests!

Shopping & Stringing

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pot/vase to plant the tree branches in. Unfortunately, it seems as though I am a couple of weeks early for the kick-off of gardening season sales and accessories! I checked out Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Urban Barn, and Pier 1. I decided to use a small rectangular vase that I had at home because nothing in the stores was that great, and I really wanted to have a clear vase as well. The stores only had clay pots, or really cheap-looking plastic – which would have been a last resort if needed. The next mission was trying to find a stand. I was on the hunt for a stand that was around 3-4 feet tall…this way, when people are looking at the canisters that hang low – they are not forced to go all the way down to the ground. I went back to Canadian Tire…nothing…Home Depot…nothing. As I was walking through the wood section, I thought about building my own stand. It was a possibility, but I wanted something simple and natural looking – and a big wooden stand of 4×4’s wasn’t the right fit.

Next stop: Homesense. My Mom joined me on Saturday for the second day of running around, so she was more than happy to stop at the gigantic Homesense in Leaside…probably more happy than I was! In the very back corner, I found the perfect stand. You can see the the photo of it on the top right of the collage below:

2Finally! It is about 3.5 feet tall, and it simple and stable. Phew!

When I got home, I decided to print out all my canister images, which were created in Photoshop with the specific measurements, and begin to string the images. I printed them in black and white just to test everything out. I am really, really pleased with how everything looks. There are 8 different canister strings/story-lines which were made over the weekend. Once I get my canister images printed in color, I can each swap them in for the black and white ones. This really helps to keep everything organized and well planned.

1Remaining tasks:

  1. Glue the branches into the vase with a hot-glue gun – this way it will prevent them from slipping. They are very stable right now with the fake-rocks, but just to be safe – I want to add some glue.
  2. Hang and position the canister strings. I think this step will have to be done on the day of my critique because there isn’t a safe way to transport such a big branches sculpture without something bad happening. I will just make a note of where each canister should be hung on the morning of.
  3. Incorporating the negatives – I would love to place all of my negatives on the silver stand to look like “soil” or a “ground” layer.

Work Process Update

Last Wednesday, I met with David to discuss the progress of my Lives sculpture/installation. My curator, Paige, also came to the meeting. I feel as though I am in a good position in terms of being able finish the project on time, which is a relief, because I was getting a little worried.

I brought in a couple of my canister strings and we discussed how I might be able to keep the canisters spaced apart using a bead or a small clamp. The strings that I brought in were being separated by small pieces of tape…obviously this was only used for the work process meeting!

David brought up the fact that I should try and pay careful attention to the fact that my project is a 3D sculpture, and each perspective means that you see a different set of photos. I realized that all of the viewers would not have any idea who any of the people or faces are in each photo canister. Of course, everyone can relate to the fact that it is a family tree, but I realized that I need to simplify the project.

My excitement in going through hundreds of family albums probably made me feel as though I should be including all these images in some way. At a certain point, I decided to combine the images into these canister-collages. I’ve decided to back track a few steps and return to my original plan – which was to only include 1 image in each canister. Keeping it simple will allow me to tell the stories of each family member in a more effective way.

After the meeting, I decided to go through all of the images again and sort them in a way where I could tell individual stories. In the image below, you can see the grouping of images as they tell the story of my grandfather, Syd Roth.


META 2014

IMG_1095_Fotor_Collage2META is the annual fourth year New Media exhibition which showcases the work and celebrates the achievements of the graduating class. On Thursday, March 20th, I attended the opening reception and first night of META 2014 at The Burroughes on Queen St. It was a great experience to be able to see and experience the interesting and diverse work that was being showcased. The venue was a neat space as well; although it felt like quite tight and narrow, it all seemed to work out nicely in the end. I really liked the project called The Refusanic, which was a responsive black dress sculpture. I was not expecting the flowers to blossom and change as I moved around the dress, and I thought the concept behind the piece was really unique. I’m really looking forward to seeing what my class will do for META 2015.

‘Lives’ Tree & Branches


Here are a few photos of the tree that will be the center piece of my ‘Lives’ project. The shape of the tree and branches are very unique and dynamic, and I will be able to hang 8-10 canister strings on each branch to bring it to life. I am searching for the right vase or pot to use so that I can “plant” the tree, and also glue it since it does not stand up straight.




IMG_0309 IMG_0307