QR Walk: Philosophic Journey


Using QR tags, we created an audio-based walk at the Philosopher’s Walk on the U of T campus in Toronto. We provided a pamphlet with direct locations to where each QR code was located, and the participants were able to scan the tag using their smartphone and listen to the audio we created.
The audio journey allowed participants the listen to a variety of philosophers and their theories. We highlighted some of the beliefs from Plato, Socrates, Heraclitus and many more. The participants were taken through a journey which introduced them to the different theories and beliefs and helped to draw conclusions between what they were hearing and what they were seeing. We encouraged the participants to begin to thoroughly question what they were sensing and experiening, especially in the fast-paced and technology-based environment that we live in.

Download the brochure here. Within the brochure, there are copies of the QR tags which you can scan & listen to the audio.

Group: Simone Roth, Oliver Zhang, Arusha Haanee, Jackson He


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