Response # 4

The installation art called “Sniff” was created by Karolina Sobecka and James George in 2009 and highlights the amazing potentials of animation and interactivity in public spaces. Sniff is a window projection that involved interacting with the movement and gestures of a computer-generated dog. In real-life, the dog “follows the viewer [and] responds to his gestures” (Sobecka, 2012). The level of engagement between the passer-by influences the dog’s behaviour.

This interaction is unique because it is initially controlled by the passer-by, who dictates the behaviour of the dog. Documentation from Sniff shows that individuals played with the computer-generated dog, changing their stance and movements and watching how the dog reacts.

The project was created with collaboration from Unity3d, which is the technology that allowed the movement to be tracked and detected and also influenced the dog’s response. Sniff is a special project because there is an immediate connection formed between the dog and the individual. Sobecka and George have created a project where individuals almost instantly fall in love with a computer-generated dog, who possesses real-life traits and characteristics.





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