Response # 5

“3 Dreams of Black” is an interactive film created by Chris Milk. It can be viewed online using your web browser, preferably Google Chrome. When you reach the website, you are given these instructions: “Move your mouse to explore during the experience”. Milk created the 3D music video in collaboration with Google team members. The interactive music video was created for the album “ROME”, which features artists Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi.


During the music video, the user is able to move the position of the mouse in any direction to change the appearance on the screen. In some scenes, the interaction is very unrestricted, but in others it is quite limited. Technically, the project was creating using code that is completely open-source. “3 Dreams of Black” uses WebGl, an aspect within HTML 5 that allows the user to see 3D graphics without a plug-in. The video is composed of three, different animation dreams. The visual graphics used in this project are incredible, it feels as if you are physically standing in the dreams. This new technology has changed the way in which Milk has shared this story. An online blog that highlights Short Films ever week has asked if this “technology can truly change how filmmakers tomorrow may tell stories” (Short of the Week, 2012). This changes the way in which individuals create, share, and interpret stories.


That being said, the purpose of film making and media making must change if the viewer has complete control in what they see. Perhaps media-making will become less direct, and be more individually influential. To conclude, the work that Milk and his team have created is to be commended on both technical and intellectual grounds.









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