Kuleshov Assignment

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Class discussion: Wednesday September 12

During the class discussion, it was clear that we had interpreted the Statue of Liberty from the perspective of an American and/or historian. The way that we saw the statue was something of historical significance, not referencing that for us – it has little significance personally. For me, the Statue of Liberty is a tourist attraction that is one of the first things you see when you are flying from Toronto –> NYC on the plane. On another note, the image manipulation that we applied was based upon the historical interpretation that we used. We selected swords, helmets and a body shield that had a very medieval look to them. While discussing the more modern and present approach with the statue, we realized that it may have been more appropriate to use “modern weapons” – instead of a sword, using a gun. However, I do believe that our historical interpretation as to what the statue represented was translated to the manipulated image.



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