In teams of 2-3 people, you are going to create a narrative experience that involves a “do over”: the story is experienced/recounted through different perspectives on the same sequence of events.

3 perspectives = 3 senses (feeling, hearing, seeing)

Our Story:

A patient (portrayed by Simone Roth) is on the verge of fully awaking from a state of unconsciousness. She does not recall what had happened to her, but wants to remember. While in a very fragile and weak condition, she tries to gather information by isolating and focusing her senses individually to help her remember what brought her into her comatose.

Sense of Feeling:
The first sense explored was FEELING. The film begins with shots of a figure caring for the patient. Some of the early shots were done to temporarily hide the fact that the setting took place within a hospital room. Later shots of her injuries and intensive treatments give the viewers a visual representation of the physical pain the patient is experiencing. From the sense of feel, the patient understands she is physically hurt, but is being taken care of at an unknown location.

Sense of Hearing:
The second sense showcased was hearing. This time, the patient gathers clues from the audio that surrounds her. She hears the sounds of a sphygmomanometer pumping; and air passing through the oxygen tube. At this time, the patient also remembers specific sounds from flashbacks that led to this incident. She hears loud chatting and laughing; glass bottles clinking; liquid being poured into glasses; and sounds of a car starting. From the sense of hearing, the patient understands she was with her friends prior, and was possibly drinking alcohol excessively.

Sense of Seeing:
The last sense displayed was seeing. During her flashback, the patient vividly visualizes in her head, the events that took place. At first, the images were foggy and hard to decipher, but quickly became clear as she fully recalls what she was doing before. She sees herself with her friends drinking a lot of alcohol. Her friends began passing out and she decided to drive home intoxicated. From this sense, the patient can see the past events that caused the predicament she is in now.

Using All 3 Senses:
With all the information gathered from each sense individually, she gathers her strength and replays what happened using all three senses at once. This is when she firmly grasps the truth and rise from her state of unconsciousness.

She now gets a visual look of where she is, and understands she is in a hospital being taken care of. A quick flashback reminds her she was driving while heavily intoxicated, and is extremely relieved she was able to survive however tragic her accident was.

The video was edited to accentuate and enhance the qualities of each sense. For Feeling and Seeing, there was no audio and video was used to portray the pain and flashback visuals. For Hearing, there is no video and only audio was used.


Group members: Simone Roth, Jeffrey Leung, Kelly Truong & Karen Wan


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